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Hiking as a Family- Washington State

Hiking as a Family- Washington State

Summer is here! School’s out. Vacations are in the works.

Here are some amazing hikes you can take as a family in Washington State.

*Leavenworth- Icicle Gorge. This is a great 4 mile loop. You hike along the river, so it’s a bit cooler and damper. Sounds good on a hot day.? There is a camp ground along this trail too and many people wade in the river.

*Thunder Knob- North Cascades Highway. 3.8 miles. 650 feet in elevation gain. This trail is across the street from Colonial Creek Campground. Enjoy nature in the Cascades. About a mile in the sound of birds will over power the sounds of the highway. Lots of over looks along the way.? The best view awaits at the top- the blue green water of Diablo Lake. Stunning!

*Deception Pass– Up to 5 miles, this is one I remember doing as a young child.? Tide pools, beaches forever, skipping rocks and tons of moss covered trees! 4,000 acres including old growth forests and shoreline.? Camp at the campground or just make it a long day trip from Seattle.

*Boulder River Waterfall- near Darrington.? Only 2.5 miles (with the option to continue on for 4).? Beautiful, classic, Pacific Northwest.

*Paradise Valley- near Woodinville.? This is perfect for those busy Seattlites or East Siders who don’t have a lot of time to drive somewhere but still want to get out and enjoy nature. 1-5 miles on mostly level trails. Wetlands and the headwaters for Bear Creek (shout out to those who love Bear Creek!), this Snohomish County park is great for ages 2 and up!

*Fort Worden State Park- near Port Townsend.? A beautiful light house (Point Wilson) and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Sandy beach. Views of Mt. Baker, San Jaun Island, the Olympics and even Vancouver Island. This is such a beautiful place. 2.5 miles one way, this is great for kids of all ages. Side note- I went to camp here once as a teen!

*Ancient Lake- near Quincy.? A waterfall in the desert is what draws people to this simple but beautiful hike. 4 miles and no elevation gain. Wetlands, birds, paradise!

*Riverside State Park- Spokane. One hiker says “Start your hike by crossing the swinging bridge at Bowl & Pitcher. “- doesn’t that just sound fun?

*Catherine Creek- Columbia River Gorge. This is a stroller and wheelchair friendly hike. Up to 3 miles long, and more wild flowers then you can count! Stay on the trail- Poison Oak is nasty here.

*Denny Creek Campground- by Snoqualmie Pass. Another great memory from my teen years. This camp ground is abundant with trails going in all directions! I particularly like the that heads to the Denny Creek Water Slides! Natural slides carved into the river rocks. Yes, it’s freezing but WHO CARES! So much fun.

*Mount Rainier- Paradise Trail to Pebble Creek.? This is beautiful but all UP HILL trail.? Wild flowers, Views for days and even snarling Marmots! Take lots of water and wear your sunscreen. Enjoy the changing landscape as you make your way from Forest to Tundra. Turn around at Pebble Creek for safety reasons.

*Steamboat Rock State Park- Grand Coulee. There are two great hikes at this camp ground. Steamboat Rock and Lenore Lake Caves.? Steamboat Rock is 4 miles and about 600 feet in elevation gain. Lenore Lake caves takes you along the Grand Coulee to a bunch of cool basalt caves. Only 1.5 miles and 200 feet of elevation gain. A great place to explore.

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Slim down at work

Slim down at work

You’ve heard of the FRESHMAN 15?? Well, nearly 40% of adults admit to gaining weight at their office job too. Is that you?? It certainly happened to me. I’m sure the number is higher- people just don’t want to admit it. It’s kind of a hush hush subject.

How do you stop this cycle of work weightgain?
Here are some top tips!

** Ditch the Drinks!? Stop drinking your calories.? Just say NO to soda. Even Diet soda is so bad for you. And swap out your Lattes for tea
Solution- sip plain water, sparkling water and tea during the day. You’ll feel refreshed without all the sugar.

**Pack a Lunch!? Stop going out for lunch. Make it a special treat- maybe once a week make it a special outing with your coworkers. But the other times, save your pennies and pack fruit, veggies and healthy proteins from home.

**Don’t stay seated.? Set a timer and make yourself get up and walk. Wear a fitness tracker so you are held accountable to getting more steps. Take the stairs.? If you need to go to a meeting, take a long route to get there. Instead of calling or sending an instant message, get up and walk to another office to ask a question. Get out of your seat!

**Do you feel sluggish in the afternoon?? Before you reach for that candy bar, try a green drink. We like this one from IT WORKS. Not only does it give you your veggies and fruits, but it also gives you an energizing boost that helps you crush the rest of your work day.? These come in easy to use individual packets too. green drink
** Skip the freebies! A lot of work places will have a kitchen area with special snacks, free donuts, popcorn etc.? Just because something is free and just because it’s THERE, doesn’t mean you should chow down on it.? Drink some water, grab some veggies and stay clear of the temptation.

Your office job isn’t a life sentence to gaining weight. Following these simple tips can help you slim down while at work.

Getting back at it.

Getting back at it.

Okay, so you had a “weekend”. You know, you didn’t exercise. You ate horrible. You got only 2000 steps on your tracker watch. You fell off the wagon so to speak.

one flat tire
This is one of my favorite sayings.

We have all had a bad day, weekend, week, month where our busy life got in the way and got that flat tire.? Here are some tips to get back on track.

* Make a schedule and stick to it. — does it get really hot where you live? Then I guess you need to get up early to do your run, which means you need to go to bed early.? Does your gym have a busy time and an empty period? Can you do a jog or walk on your lunch break?

* Write your goal down where you can see it! This is PROVEN to work. WRITE IT DOWN! Sticky note in your car, on your mirror, in your day planner, on your wall paper on your phone. Somewhere you can see it often.? “I WILL NOT MISS A WORKOUT!”

*Accountability Coach!? I have worked with many people to be their accountability coach. It’s helpful to have someone who will listen to your concerns and problems and help you adjust your workouts. An accountability coach also cheers you on and checks in with you- did you workout today?

*Just do it!? Before your bad weekend, were you walking 60 minutes? Well, it’s not like you took a year off. Your body will bounce back better than you think it will.

* Talk to yourself!? “I can do this.” “I’m strong” “I already made such progress, I can continue”. “I’m beautiful” ” I’m worth it!”

Just know, you aren’t alone. Get back on the saddle. You ARE worth it and you CAN do it!

Feeding a growing family

Feeding a growing family

If you are a parent, you know that growing kids eat a lot!? Some moms feel like they are constantly shopping for more groceries. Part of the problem isn’t that your kids are growing but it’s that you aren’t keeping the right foods around.

Our teenage son will ride his bike for 30-60 miles at a time.? He comes home hungry, as you can imagine.? But instead of letting him snack on fruit or crackers- basically empty calories, he fixes himself (or sometimes we fix it for him) pasta.? Which is cheaper? Pasta or Fruit? Pasta!? He can eat a huge bowl of pasta, refill after his bike ride and not break the bank.
hard bike ride

Most of the time when your kids complain “I’M HUNGRY” it’s actually “I’m Bored” or “I’m dehydrated”.? American kids are NOT drinking enough water. So a good rule of thumb…keep track of when your kids are eating (make them sit down at the kitchen table- no running through the kitchen, grabbing something and running outside, no grazing etc. ) If it’s been 2 hours since the last “meal” or 200 calorie snack, go ahead and fix them something. But make it sensible. Guess what? It’s OK to make your kids feel some hunger pains.? As a society we have gotten in the bad habit of always being full.? Allowing your body to fully process food and be empty is OK.

WATER WATER WATER! When my kids say “I’m Hungry” I tell them to drink a mug of water first.?

Here is a list of our GO TO FOODS for our kids

Steamed plain chicken breast (not breaded)
Snap peas
Hummus (remember, just a table spoon full!)
Multi grain bread (Just stop buying WHITE bread. It’s NOT healthy. )
Almond butter
Pasta (not a mac and cheese box, but just plain pasta with plain red sauce)
Apples (lots of fiber and so filling)
Plain non fat yogurt mixed with a half of scoop of protein powder =? chocolate yogurt! (add in frozen mixed berries for a special treat
Hard boiled eggs
Ground turkey meat (made like taco meat)
Black beans
Romaine Lettuce
Cottage cheese

Here are some examples of foods our kids regularly snack on:

Taco Salad- romaine lettuce, turkey taco meat (we always keep a container in the fridge), corn, black beans and salsa. So filling. So? healthy. No need to add cheese or chips or sour cream etc


Cottage cheese. Maybe some pretzels or blueberries to mix in

Salad plate with the following: hard boiled egg, humus, variety of veggies and a few pretzels

Pasta with a simple red sauce. Side of veggies

Half a banana, half a tablespoon of Almond butter, 2 salami slices? and some pretzels.

Ditch the sodas and juices. Your kids don’t need that stuff (and neither do you).

Give these suggestions a week and see how your grocery bill changes. Start now to raise healthy kids.

Holiday Weekends!

Holiday Weekends!

We know this is a big weekend for many. And although we all recognize the real meaning behind Memorial day (THANK YOU VETERANS!) , we also know many Americans will be gathering this weekend for food, friends and fun.

Use these top tips to survive the weekend and stay on top of your training and health goals.

1. Breakfast! Don’t skip it, okay?? You know you need it. You’ve read the articles. I don’t need to repeat it all. Just eat it okay? And while we are talking- make it a good breakfast, not super sugar bomb cereal.

2. Water it up!? You just woke up, after hopefully a great night’s sleep. Your body NEEDS water. Your body needs water more then an energy drink, coffee, a trip to your favorite coffee shop for a triple shot. WATER -plain and simple. Drink it up. Especially since this weekend you will likely be outside, playing in the sun. Hydrate. Just do it!
fresh snacks
3. Snacks! Remember my last post about having snacks handy. Here are some more tips.
* Combine produce with protein.? (Cheese with apple slices. Banana with nut butter. Hummus and snap peas. Cottage cheese and pineapple)
* Pre package them.? It’s so easy to want to reach for something fast.? And licorice, although tasty, is not going to fuel you to get through that Ultimate Frisbee game or help you stave off hunger. Baggies of carrot sticks and and single serving size of hummus (think the size of a ping pong ball or smaller), sliced apples with a string cheese, turkey slices and cheeries.? Easy to transport. Easy to package.
* Portable cooler- I know some of you live in areas that are very hot.? Consider getting a small portable ice chest or an insulated Lunch Box. Again, easy to transport and easy to pack.

4. Make a Plan! You know you are going to an awesome neighborhood BBQ. You know there will be a lot of food. You know your neighbor makes some seriously great BBQ pulled pork. Great! Make a plan. You CAN eat all that delicious pulled pork but how about you first load up on a fresh green salad?? Skip the chips and dip. Skip the potato salad. Go in with a plan- I will drink only water. I will load up on veggies. I will enjoy Joe’s award winning BBQ Pulled Pork- guilt free.
What if Suzy is known for her home made apple pie? Sure! Go ahead. But count it as dinner. So the rest of the night, you only have veggies.

5. Extra workout! Since you know you will be faced with lots of parties, food, and more food, plan to do an extra workout.? Get in your Hikercize treadmill workout plus catch a cardio dance class at the rec center.? There are so many ways to squeeze in an extra cardio burn.
Try these:
* 50 jumping jacks
* walk around your neighborhood
* early morning hike
* Kettle bells
* Run stairs with your kids
* 5 mile bike ride
* lunges around the house
* 10 Burpees

6. Cut yourself some slack! If you overeat this weekend, it’s NOT the end of the world.? But remember, just because you take one misstep and eat 5 slices of Uncle Paul’s famous french toast, doesn’t mean you need to throw in the towel. Get back on track. Drink water. And go forward, concurring your weekend like a boss!

And last but not least, Thank you to all our armed forces!

Summer Lovin’  (to eat)

Summer Lovin’ (to eat)

summer lovinSchool’s out for the summer! (sing it with me!)? I’m sure you have lots of adventures planned for your family. It’s so fun to plan those picnics in the park, hiking to a waterfall and camping under the stars.? BUT don’t forget, it’s just as important to plan your Summer Menu- and by menu I don’t just mean what’s for dinner this week.

Let’s approach this summer thinking not just about projects we want to get done (painting the deck!) and trips we are going on (Hello Uncle Jeff!) but also, let’s make food a focus of our summer plans and most importantly, our DAILY PLAN.

In the book , The 100 Calorie Diet Plan, Charles talks about breaking your food into 100 calorie chunks through out your day. It’s easy and doable. Check out the book on amazon!

So, how can you have a successful summer of eating less?

PLAN AHEAD!? Have containers of per-measured snacks available for grab and go. Make them healthy. Yes, it’s fun to have chips for that holiday BBQ but for every day, try having rice cakes, pretzels, hummus and veggies, frozen grapes,? baggie of dried fruit etc.? The key is to plan ahead so you can just reach and grab these instead of reaching for a handful of chocolate chips!

Sit down as much as you can and simply ENJOY YOUR FOOD.? If you are mindlessly munching, you won’t realize how much you are eating.? Make your snacks and meals something to celebrate.? I recently saw a friend make her sliced banana and almond butter look like a work of art. She truly enjoyed eating her masterpiece.

Don’t drink your calories! Make this the summer you ditch the soda. Just do it!? Make sodas your special occasion drink.

WATER UP!? Take a water bottle with you EVERY WHERE YOU GO!? Drinking more water this summer will help you feel fuller longer. Yes you will soon become an expert on which stores and parks have the best public restrooms. I know that can be annoying but the health benefits far outweigh that negative.? Can’t stand plain water? Add cucumber or orange slices.? Avoid flavored water. Just because it says it’s ZERO CALORIES doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you.

GO GREEN! Chances are, if you are like me, you need an afternoon PICK ME UP! Go Green! Now, when I said above to avoid flavored water, I was NOT talking about green drinks.? We LOVE this Green on the Go powder from It Works.? Simple to use. Rip open the little packet. Dump in water. Shack or stir. Drink and feel a renewed energy. Trust us! You will? wonder how you ever got through your day without it.

I’m confident that you can have a fun filled summer and stay on track for your fitness and training goals.? Let’s do it together!


I’m bringing balance back

I’m bringing balance back

Do you find yourself not having enough time to train?? Don’t fret- everyone goes through that. Here are 3 simple tips to help you get that balance back into your daily routine so that training happens.

1. Cut out the none sense. Do you have daily tasks that really don’t accomplish much?? Do you just have to sit and watch the morning news? Instead of sitting, could you unload the dishwasher at the same time and add in some squats?? I’m not saying cut out the none sense- we all have our guilty pleasures- but what if you find a sensible way to multitask those items?

I personally LOVE watching interviews on youtube. I watch gymnastics, figure skating, Olympic stuff. I love re- watching great athletic moments in time. I like documentary fluff pieces. Totally my guilty pleasure. And I have found that following the Hikercize treadmill workout, I can easily watch my youtube videos while getting in my weekly elevation gain. SCORE!

So, take notice of what things you do during the day that could actually be turned into training.? Could you jog to and from your morning train or bus? During lunch, instead of going to Chilis with your co-workers, go for a walk. Do your morning stretches in the shower- bonus, the hot water will actually help your stretches be more effective.

2.? All the top business success speakers give the following advice: Start each day with 20 minutes of motivational reading or meditation. This could be reading the scriptures, listening to Brian Tracey or even spending time in prayer.? If you are jumping out of bed every day and immediately into your rush rush of a schedule, you will quickly lose the balance you need.

My top favorite things to read:
Inspirational quotes (I love browsing Pinterest for these)
Daily devotionals (search the web- there are so many )
Religious magazines- lots of churches publish monthly or quarterly magazines.

Try it for a week. See what adding 20 minutes of this does to your day!

3. Schedule your workouts just like you would schedule a doctor’s appointment!? Write it down. And then hold yourself accountable. Many doctors will charge you if you don’t keep an appointment. You need to decide what will work for you. The important thing- keep yourself accountable for those workouts. You are NOT allowed to miss them! PERIOD!

Try making these changes to make training balance with the rest of your life. I know you can do it!

GOALS!  Are you on the right path?

GOALS! Are you on the right path?



goals write it down

Do you have a fitness goal or dream you want to achieve with Hikercize? Well it’s important to write it down.? I know that sounds silly but it’s proven- write it down and put it somewhere you can see it daily. On your bathroom mirror, by your computer, on the dashboard of your car. You will need to see it multiple times a day.

What type of goal can you write down?? Here are a few good ones:? I will Eat clean today.? I will exercise 30 minutes daily. I will drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Those are just some simple examples. But if you write something simple like those, you are more likely to achieve that goal.

If you write down a goal that is too hard, you will likely fail. I will have NO SUGAR EVER AGAIN. That’s pretty strict and assumes you will never attend a birthday party, never be stuck at a train station, never fall into temptation at the grocery store.? So keep your goals more attainable.

Next, how will you accomplish this goal?

I like to start from the ending and work backwards. Example: I want to exercise 30 minutes a day. So I start from the end of my day. I go to bed at 9pm.? I eat dinner at 6. I work from ___ to? __ etc.? This gives me an outline of my day so I can see where I can fit that 30 minutes in. I also need to realize I need time to travel to the gym, change clothes or drive to the canyon trail head for a run.

Another example:? I will eat clean today.? This takes prep work. You must have your snacks and meals planned out. Do you need to take food on the bus or train to work?? Is your fridge stocked with healthy things or will you be tempted by your roommate’s double chocolate cake?

Final step is DO IT!? What if I fail today?? That’s okay.? Failure means you are trying.? The very best athletes have failed more times then they succeeded but that’s why they are successful. There is no harm in falling, only harm in staying down after the fall. Would you slash the other tires on your car if one got? flat? NO WAY! That’s just dumb.? You pick your self up, change the tire and continue on your day.

Getting healthy, losing weight and achieving goals is NOT easy. Don’t let the Get Thin Quick adds fool you. You didn’t gain 20 lbs in one month so you won’t lose it that fast either. And if you want to keep it off, you have to be a turtle- slow and steady wins the race.

I know you can do it!