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August, 2007, at 220 pounds. Climbing in Aspen Colorado.
August, 2007, at 220 pounds. Climbing in Aspen Colorado.

Hikercize is the result of nearly ten years of work. In 2006, after a series of medical issues I decided I needed to make some major changes in my life if I wanted to live to see my children grow up. It was a total wake-up call for me. I realized then that hiking and outdoor adventure had quietly disappeared from my life as I struggled to build a business and suddenly one day I was a sickly 245 pounds and riding a runaway train to an untimely death. I launched myself onto the trails, heading for the peaks. Unfortunately I wasn’t in any shape to enjoy the mountains of Colorado and Utah with the same physical level that I remembered from my youth. I crashed and burned. I needed to get in shape.

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There was no training manual to guide me, so I had to devise my own way to train. I had to figure out my own program. And I did. I made it happen, and my crowning achievement was to climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro at 185 pounds on January 1st of 2010. I had achieved one of my lifelong dreams. Most importantly though, I’d lost 60 pounds of fat. I had regained my youth. I’d regained my health.

I stirred up a lot of like-minded friends and relatives. Before long it seemed like everyone was asking me how I did it. How they could do it. There were lots of reasons. Health, body image, watching their teens take off without them up the trail. But the common thread seemed to be this question:

How can I lose fat doing a relatively low impact program – no running?

Kilimanjaro in December of 2009. I weighed 185 pounds.
Kilimanjaro in December of 2009. I weighed 185 pounds.

See, I was too heavy to run without causing myself damage. Even fast walking outside on the sidewalks caused me pain and injury. I discovered through study that incline training, the type of training best suited to a program based on hiking, can create up to 300% higher muscle recruitment, and a correspondingly higher metabolic effect [study].

I won’t bore you with more details, but it was pretty obvious that this was the key to my success. There aren’t that many trails without hills, right? Treadmills have the ability to absorb quite a bit of impact, especially at slower walking speeds. It wasn’t “easy” by any means, but with diligent work it was possible to achieve many small incremental goals that led me to my larger goal of losing 60 pounds. But I digress – on with the story.

After answering so many questions, and watching the impact of my program, I created “Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak Bagging” which has been a runaway success and led to my becoming an Amazon Best-Selling Author. Thousands have bought it, and I’ve talked to several. There was a problem. A glitch. Something I hadn’t foreseen when I created it.

I was trying to be everything to everyone. That was a good thing, right?

sst-small-coverIt’s 340 pages long. There are over 100 charts and illustrations. You can learn all about climbing stairs, stepping on boxes, walking on treadmills, and special high incline treadmills, climbing Stairmasters. You get to learn the principles of Leave No Trace, how to pack a daypack, how to plan your meals for the trail.

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Gosh dang it, I put just about everything in there. But you know what? It was too much for most people. It was easy to get bogged down. It was easy to get lost. There were just too many options. There wasn’t any level of actual hand-holding.

I’m ready to take you by the hand and lead you there.

Online training programs were not at all practical when I first created Summit Success. Back in 2011 when I began writing it, web training was via special webinar interfaces. Online classes were expensive to produce. They took a lot of storage and bandwidth. Now, a simple WordPress plugin takes care of most of the details. Now it’s feasible for me to create Hikercize as a series of online training modules. It’s simple for you to subscribe and take part at your own pace. You can pick and choose modules and watch the videos at your leisure. You can train on your schedule.


First of all, you need to sign up for the New Improved Bronze Level Hikercize Program. Read the articles at your leisure. Start training. Message me on Facebook if you need some answers. I can give you a few tips and suggestions. Take the year-at-once for a super great price now and I’ll reward you as an action-taker. I myself was an action-taker. I grabbed my future by the horns and rode it to my own success transformation story. Will you be the next success story? Will you become an example? A role model? Are you an action-taker?

It’s more than a program, it’s a lifestyle.

By living this outdoor adventure lifestyle; by staying in shape for my next hike, my next climb, I’ve managed to keep that whole 60 pounds off now for over 7¬†years. That puts me in the top 2% of all weight loss maintainers. I can’t promise you can do that to that degree, but I can promise to give you my best shot at giving you the tools you need to give it your best shot. Now is the time to take action.

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