20 things to start doing RIGHT NOW!

Have you been feeling stuck in your office?? Life bringing you down?? Can’t get out to do? the things you really enjoy? Slave to “the man” so to speak?

Try doing some of these and watch as your mood get lifted!

1. drink more water!
2. eat a big breakfast, medium lunch and a smaller dinner (Breakfast like a King!)
3. eat more fruits and veggies. Even more than you are eating now!
4. go for a walk, bike ride or swim
5. read a book. seriously!? Put down the phone and pick up a real book!
6. stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself. (AND OTHERS!)
7. don’t dwell on the past
8. go to bed earlier.? Come on! Stop acting like a college kid. Go to bed at 10. See what happens after a week of a full 8 hours of sleep!
9. focus on the simple, little things
10. STOP COMPLAINING. Seriously! Just stop complaining about work, about your lame neighbors, about your commute, about your family.? Just STOP IT!
11. don’t judge yourself or others. don’t compare your size or success to someone else.
12. meditate. Read the scriptures. Kneel in prayer. Go somewhere quiet.
13. avoid processed foods
14. stretch daily
15. listen to quiet music.? Turn off the latest hits. Put away the rap music. And turn on something classical and quiet.? Your brain will thank you.
16. UN PLUG FOR A FULL DAY! I know this is? soooo hard so start with something smaller.? Plug your phone in somewhere you can’t just reach for it. Hide your phone deep in your bag in the car- so you can’t just reach for it at every stop light. Leave your phone upstairs for an hour.
17. declutter and live with less. You don’t really need to update your curtains. You don’t need new dishes just because they look cute at Target. This is an on going struggle for many. Take baby steps and begin to see how nice it is to donate and get rid of things.
18. wear clothes that make you happy.? Simple but profound!
19. remember that all the efforts you are making daily will be worth it in the end. Don’t give up. Keep pushing. Keep going!