Fitting in Fitness as a mom- 2

So we talked in the first article that you need to kind of reboot your thinking. You need to think- EVERYTHING COUNTS and REWARDS are good! Hopefully you let that digest over night and now you are ready to move forward in your fitness journey.

I’m gonna break down 20 tips into a few different articles.? Here are the first 3

1. Get a fitness tracker. I know, I know… “but it’s so trendy” or “I only wear my bangle bracelets”– trust me. I felt that way for a long time. But you will see more results if you are tracking those steps. Give it a try for a month? You WILL see changes and you will see results. Imagine- after losing 5 lbs, maybe you can reward yourself with a new bangle bracelet. Just saying.

One thing I love about my fitness tracker (I use the Garmin ) is that IT gives me a daily goal. I did a poll on FB asking my friends how many steps they take daily. Most of them (because they are athletes) gave me high numbers. Comparing my newbie first week steps with those of a “professional” who has been tracking their steps for a year is completely unfair. So I like that my fitness tracker provides me with daily goals. It will adjust these goals and make them harder. It’s so nice to compete against my watch instead of competing against my friend who does over 20k in steps…all before noon!

2. Convenience.? Remember how I said EVERYTHING COUNTS? Well, this tip is exactly that! Throw convenience out the window!
*Gotta run errands? Park at the far end of the parking lot. – Imagine how many MORE steps you can get if you have to trek farther into the store!
*At the grocery store? Carry a basket instead of pushing a cart.? Bicep curls in the produce department? Sure! Why not!
*Cleaning your house? Exaggerate it. Push your furniture entirely out of the way to vacuum or sweep. Make multiple trips up stairs instead of hauling an IKEA bag full of every piece of folded laundry.
*Run your stairs. Since you gotta take the laundry upstairs, why not turn it into a workout.? Running not your thing? How about stair jumping? Hey! If it’s good enough for the US Olympic Speed Skating team, its good enough for you!
*Make multiple trips to your car and back when bringing in the groceries

3.MultiTask. Okay, usually I’m strictly against multitasking. But in these instances, it really does work!
*calf raises while waiting for your tea kettle to heat up.
*crunches, planks and pushups during a commercial break
*use a stability ball instead of a chair at your home office
*keep 5 lb dumb bells in the kitchen- use them while cooking
*jog while walking the dog
*jog while you are out and about while your kids ride their big wheels.

See if you can incorporate any of these TODAY and see just how easy it is to fit fitness into your life.