Fitting in Fitness as a Mom- 3

Are you ready for 3 more tips? These aren’t earth shattering tips but they can make a difference in your life. We all know how busy and crazy life as a mom can be. I bet you can start today with one of these tips. Tips 1-3 are found here.

4. Run Errands. No really. Run them! Or Power walk!? Let’s say you need to? go to the grocery store, drug store and florist all in the same general area of town. Why not park and jog, run or walk fast to each of them. Not only is this a great way to get in some fitness, but think about how fun.? Less parking lot and traffic stress. More time to enjoy the outdoors. Sight see.? When I lived in Germany, we hardly drove anywhere. Walking was what we did. So go ahead, pretend you live in Paris!

5. Go take a Hike- literally!? When was the last time you dropped everything and went for a little hike. In the woods near your home, at a ski resort or even just in the big city park a few blocks away. Don’t be fooled by TV adds- you don’t have to have huge hiking boots and special trekker poles and pants.? A good pair of running shoes is perfect.? Focus on getting your heart rate up but also focus on enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Is there a water fall near by?? What about walking on the beach?? Use this as a time to not only get your blood flowing but use it to clear your mind. Our society is all about fast and furious, loud music, more more more. Take advantage of this hike to chill out a bit.

6. Exercise between Commercials. Yes, there are times when we really do what to just lounge at home. We all have our favorite reality shows, why not enjoy them but during the breaks, do a hand full of Burpees, crunches and squats.? Get the whole family in on the game.? Who can do the most jumping jacks? Are you binge watching an entire season of Survivor (GUILTY!), then set the goal to do 8 full minutes between seasons.