Fitting in Fitness as a Mom- 4

Are you ready for a few more small changes you can make that will truly influence your ability to fit in fitness?? I strongly believe we all can accomplish more with just small gentle changes.

6. Schedule it! I’ve talked about this before and for good reason.? Quick question for you all.? If you schedule a massage, do you cancel it or not show?? If you have a dentist appointment, do you just not go? If you have a meeting with your boss, do you skip it?? NO!? Of course not. Same with your fitness schedule. You need to get it on the calendar. Make a date with yourself and KEEP IT!

7. Keep it Interesting.? One reason so many people fall off the exercise wagon is they get bored.? So mix it up. Run a different route. Take a different spin class. Add new weights. Increase your plank time. Go running with a different group of friends.? We all like routine but for fitness, you gotta mix things up.

8. Pace During the Game. How many of you? sit on the sidelines of soccer practice? What about attending an hour (or more!) of gymnastics practice.? Instead of surfing Pinterest (GUILTY!), get up and move.? Walk around the field. Find an excuse to go up and down the stairs (multiple times). Stand in the corner of the lobby and do calf raises. Make it a game- set a goal for how many steps you want to achieve during your kid’s practice.? Can you get other moms involved?? You’d be surprised how many other parents would love to move a bit instead of sitting on their phones.

9. PLAY!? I get it. I really do.? It can be exhausting to play all day every day with your kiddos.? How about if you turn Play Time into fitness time? Playing Frisbee in the yard with your kids can be great exercise.?? Walk to the neighborhood park together.? Jump in the pool and play Marco Polo with them. Make a family climbing night at the rock gym. Rent a canoe and go out on the lake. There are so many ways to get more connected with your kids and still fit in fitness. Plus, how happy will your kids be when Mom joins in?? Be THAT Mom who plays!

10. Walk with Friends.? Do you love meeting your friends for lunch, coffee, donuts?? Why not flip the switch and instead meet for a walk or a hike.? With or without your kids and strollers, You know you love your girl friend time.? Invite a friend to “run” errands with you. Even taking your kids to a museum and meeting friends there, you’ll likely have a better conversation with friends then you would sitting around eating tacos.

Make a commitment to incorporate one of these into your day TODAY. I know you can do it. Let’s become experts at fitting fitness into our lives. We deserve it!