Get ready for a multi day trip!

Do you dream of doing a multi day back packing trip? I remember my first one, with my dad back in the 90s.? I spent a few days walking around my yard with my new boots on and carrying an empty pack. Obviously when we hit the trail, I was not prepared. In fact, my dad ended up carrying my pack half the way.

At Hikercize, we can help you to avoid such a situation. Here are some top tips. For more tips and personal training, join our team!
* Cardio 3-5 days a week. Running, walking, bike. Anything is better than sitting on the couch, right? I love me some treadmill time.

* Give yourself some time. At Hikercize we have a 4 week introduction and then a 12 week plan. This is standard. Even the big recreation stores recommend this time frame. Why reinvent the wheel? Go with what the pros say.

* Resistance Training. Learn to FALL IN LOVE with resistance training. You don’t need to own a fancy home gym, or even belong to the rec center. There are so many ways you can do simple resistance training at home. word-image

*As your big day approaches, go for a day hike! You need some experience outside, on dirt (or snow!).? 20141124_090321