Getting back at it.

Okay, so you had a “weekend”. You know, you didn’t exercise. You ate horrible. You got only 2000 steps on your tracker watch. You fell off the wagon so to speak.

one flat tire
This is one of my favorite sayings.

We have all had a bad day, weekend, week, month where our busy life got in the way and got that flat tire.? Here are some tips to get back on track.

* Make a schedule and stick to it. — does it get really hot where you live? Then I guess you need to get up early to do your run, which means you need to go to bed early.? Does your gym have a busy time and an empty period? Can you do a jog or walk on your lunch break?

* Write your goal down where you can see it! This is PROVEN to work. WRITE IT DOWN! Sticky note in your car, on your mirror, in your day planner, on your wall paper on your phone. Somewhere you can see it often.? “I WILL NOT MISS A WORKOUT!”

*Accountability Coach!? I have worked with many people to be their accountability coach. It’s helpful to have someone who will listen to your concerns and problems and help you adjust your workouts. An accountability coach also cheers you on and checks in with you- did you workout today?

*Just do it!? Before your bad weekend, were you walking 60 minutes? Well, it’s not like you took a year off. Your body will bounce back better than you think it will.

* Talk to yourself!? “I can do this.” “I’m strong” “I already made such progress, I can continue”. “I’m beautiful” ” I’m worth it!”

Just know, you aren’t alone. Get back on the saddle. You ARE worth it and you CAN do it!