Getting back to Fitness

We all know the feeling. Month one of your new way of eating or working out and you are ON FIRE!? Nothing gets in your way. You stick to your work outs. You are eating clean. You are seeing results. And then you go to your cousin Bob’s BBQ and you go crazy. Then the next day, Mary at work brings her famous fudge and you can’t help yourself- you eat half the platter (while hiding in your office). Shamed, you declare “It’s only salads for the rest of the week” and hence…you fall off the wagon.? Pizza, fast food, Midnight run for ice cream, sleeping in, ditching your weight workouts.? Ugh!

We have all been there. Guess what! It happens. It’s nothing be ashamed about.? You CAN get back on the fitness wagon.

Do you have your goals written down? Are you checking in with your goals daily?? If not, start now! Writing down your goals is shown to improve the likelihood you will accomplish them. Put a post it on your fridge or mirror.? And tell a trusted friend. An accountability partner is so important.

Please DON’T make unrealistic goals. Example: I will lose 20 lbs in 4 weeks.? WHOA!? That’s like a suffer fest. Not to mention totally unhealthy. A realistic version: I will lose 20 lbs in 9 month.

Other examples:

I will never eat sugar again vs? I will detox for 10 days to break the sugar habit. (after detoxing, you won’t be craving the sugar as much so you can have a slice of birthday cake without then indulging in the whole cake)

I will run for 2 hours every day vs I will run for 20 minutes 3 times this week (adjust it as needed as you progress. If you haven’t exercised in a while, set a? short-term goal: walk 10 minutes a day five days a week. Then move into a goal like: walk 30 minutes five days a week. And finally: participate in the town 5K.)

Another thing you can do to get back on the Fitness Wagon is FIND THE FUN!? Going to the gym and doing the same old thing, every single day, actually won’t give your the results you want AND it’s boring!? Knock it off, k?? Here are some ideas to help you have fun:

*New Spin Class
*Run stairs at the local HS football field (you can even play the ROCKY theme song!)
*Pick up a new sport- Ice Skating, Tennis, Rowing.? I’m pretty sure there is some sport out there that you haven’t tried. Why not? You are never too old for a new sport. (Hey I know a 60 year old who decided one day she wanted to learn to Figure Skate. I met her a competition and she was fierce! No experience prior to age 60!)
*Take a class with your spouse- cardio dance, Power lifting, rock climbing.? Make it into a date night!
*Go with the season- if it’s winter, go snow shoeing or cross country skiing. If it’s summer, try Stand Up Paddle boarding, cycling, Hiking or swimming.
*Look to the pros for example.? I love watching Olympic caliber athletes. They don’t just train their sport. They work out all parts of their body. Find out what other things, besides passing the football, your favorite NHL star does. What about that cool new soccer player that is all the rage? Did you know that figure skaters are known for running stairs and doing box jumps on top of ballet and pilates? Look for new inspiration from the idols of your sport.
*Be a kid. Go jump on the trampoline with you 10 year old. Go on a ride around the neighborhood with your daughter. Or simply-? think? about to when YOU were a kid. What active thing did you like doing? Go do it now as an adult. Climb a tree. Run around at the park. Be a kid!
*Take a dance class. Yup! There was once an adult Tap dancing class I took. It was such a blast and although I’m pretty sure I was horrible, I worked up a good sweat during those classes.

By setting realistic and attainable goals and making your workouts fun (and something you actually look forward to), you will have an easier time staying motivated to workout.

Check back tomorrow for more tips on becoming the best you can be!