GOALS! Are you on the right path?



goals write it down

Do you have a fitness goal or dream you want to achieve with Hikercize? Well it’s important to write it down.? I know that sounds silly but it’s proven- write it down and put it somewhere you can see it daily. On your bathroom mirror, by your computer, on the dashboard of your car. You will need to see it multiple times a day.

What type of goal can you write down?? Here are a few good ones:? I will Eat clean today.? I will exercise 30 minutes daily. I will drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Those are just some simple examples. But if you write something simple like those, you are more likely to achieve that goal.

If you write down a goal that is too hard, you will likely fail. I will have NO SUGAR EVER AGAIN. That’s pretty strict and assumes you will never attend a birthday party, never be stuck at a train station, never fall into temptation at the grocery store.? So keep your goals more attainable.

Next, how will you accomplish this goal?

I like to start from the ending and work backwards. Example: I want to exercise 30 minutes a day. So I start from the end of my day. I go to bed at 9pm.? I eat dinner at 6. I work from ___ to? __ etc.? This gives me an outline of my day so I can see where I can fit that 30 minutes in. I also need to realize I need time to travel to the gym, change clothes or drive to the canyon trail head for a run.

Another example:? I will eat clean today.? This takes prep work. You must have your snacks and meals planned out. Do you need to take food on the bus or train to work?? Is your fridge stocked with healthy things or will you be tempted by your roommate’s double chocolate cake?

Final step is DO IT!? What if I fail today?? That’s okay.? Failure means you are trying.? The very best athletes have failed more times then they succeeded but that’s why they are successful. There is no harm in falling, only harm in staying down after the fall. Would you slash the other tires on your car if one got? flat? NO WAY! That’s just dumb.? You pick your self up, change the tire and continue on your day.

Getting healthy, losing weight and achieving goals is NOT easy. Don’t let the Get Thin Quick adds fool you. You didn’t gain 20 lbs in one month so you won’t lose it that fast either. And if you want to keep it off, you have to be a turtle- slow and steady wins the race.

I know you can do it!