Holiday Weekends!

We know this is a big weekend for many. And although we all recognize the real meaning behind Memorial day (THANK YOU VETERANS!) , we also know many Americans will be gathering this weekend for food, friends and fun.

Use these top tips to survive the weekend and stay on top of your training and health goals.

1. Breakfast! Don’t skip it, okay?? You know you need it. You’ve read the articles. I don’t need to repeat it all. Just eat it okay? And while we are talking- make it a good breakfast, not super sugar bomb cereal.

2. Water it up!? You just woke up, after hopefully a great night’s sleep. Your body NEEDS water. Your body needs water more then an energy drink, coffee, a trip to your favorite coffee shop for a triple shot. WATER -plain and simple. Drink it up. Especially since this weekend you will likely be outside, playing in the sun. Hydrate. Just do it!
fresh snacks
3. Snacks! Remember my last post about having snacks handy. Here are some more tips.
* Combine produce with protein.? (Cheese with apple slices. Banana with nut butter. Hummus and snap peas. Cottage cheese and pineapple)
* Pre package them.? It’s so easy to want to reach for something fast.? And licorice, although tasty, is not going to fuel you to get through that Ultimate Frisbee game or help you stave off hunger. Baggies of carrot sticks and and single serving size of hummus (think the size of a ping pong ball or smaller), sliced apples with a string cheese, turkey slices and cheeries.? Easy to transport. Easy to package.
* Portable cooler- I know some of you live in areas that are very hot.? Consider getting a small portable ice chest or an insulated Lunch Box. Again, easy to transport and easy to pack.

4. Make a Plan! You know you are going to an awesome neighborhood BBQ. You know there will be a lot of food. You know your neighbor makes some seriously great BBQ pulled pork. Great! Make a plan. You CAN eat all that delicious pulled pork but how about you first load up on a fresh green salad?? Skip the chips and dip. Skip the potato salad. Go in with a plan- I will drink only water. I will load up on veggies. I will enjoy Joe’s award winning BBQ Pulled Pork- guilt free.
What if Suzy is known for her home made apple pie? Sure! Go ahead. But count it as dinner. So the rest of the night, you only have veggies.

5. Extra workout! Since you know you will be faced with lots of parties, food, and more food, plan to do an extra workout.? Get in your Hikercize treadmill workout plus catch a cardio dance class at the rec center.? There are so many ways to squeeze in an extra cardio burn.
Try these:
* 50 jumping jacks
* walk around your neighborhood
* early morning hike
* Kettle bells
* Run stairs with your kids
* 5 mile bike ride
* lunges around the house
* 10 Burpees

6. Cut yourself some slack! If you overeat this weekend, it’s NOT the end of the world.? But remember, just because you take one misstep and eat 5 slices of Uncle Paul’s famous french toast, doesn’t mean you need to throw in the towel. Get back on track. Drink water. And go forward, concurring your weekend like a boss!

And last but not least, Thank you to all our armed forces!