Simple Summer Workouts for Moms

During the school year, I have a very nice schedule of dropping the kids off at school and then heading to do my workout. It just fits. Then the last day of school happens and I realize- OH CRAP! I don’t have my schedule anymore.

Is this you? Are you driving your kids to practice and games, friend’s houses and of course, they all want to see movies, hit museums, the zoo and the pool. How are you going to fit your workout in when your babysitter (SCHOOL!) isn’t around?

Here are some quick tips on making summer workouts WORK!

EXERCISE VIDEOS– chances are good that your kids run the neighborhood (or take naps) at some point during the day. Don’t give in and just sit on the couch catching up with whatever reality show is unwatched on your DVR. Pop in a cardio dance DVD. I found one I loved at Target but there are so many out there.? Just push all the laundry and toys to the side and get ready to sweat.

SET THE ALARM– what if you woke up an hour before your kids? Could you roll out of bed, into those new running shoes and hit the pavement while your spouse and kids are still snoring? Sure you can! I know you can!? And by getting up early, you will have extra endorphins all day long to help you keep up with your summer schedule.

DAY CARE- So many gyms now a days offer day care. Are your kids young enough they can go? This is a win win for both of you. They get to meet and mingle with other kids and fun adults (possibly doing crafts and learning new games) and you can hit that new spin class you’ve been eyeing.

NEIGHBOR KIDS- Look around your neighborhood or church group. Are there teens? Probably! Guess what… teens get bored during the summer (just ask their moms!) and they ALWAYS want some cash.? Talk to the moms and teens. Is there a deal you can make? I know my teens would be thrilled to babysit for $5 a few times a week while mom works out. And as their mom, I would LOVE for them to have this opportunity to make some money. Just ask around.

VISITORS– Once upon a time when my kids were too young to leave at home by themselves, I would invite another mom to bring her equally young kiddos over. We would set them up with a DVD and some snacks while we worked out together in the other room. Yes, occasionally the kiddos would need help or get curious and come “bug” us, but often, we were able to fit in a great CORE work out together while the kids enjoyed a movie.

TAKE A CLASS– I LOVE to Ice Skate. So when my kids are younger, I enrolled them in skating lessons so *I* could skate while they had lessons.? It was great! We both were getting exercise, learning new skills, meeting people and spending time together, BUT I did have MY time all by myself. Later when my kids didn’t care much for skating anymore, I continued to skate. They would happily come to the rink, bring their toys, legos, coloring books, tablets, kindles, card games etc. I would skate while they kept themselves busy in the hockey box.? I did this with my daughter when she was as young as 3 years old. She was fine and actually has great memories of sitting in the stands watching me skate.

FIT BIT– Where your fitness tracker (I actually use the Garmin). When you are running errands with your kids, take a parking spot far away from the store, take the stairs, do laps in the lobby while you wait for ballet or karate to finish.? There are so many ways to fit in your steps…even just walking in place. And guess what- you may get some strange looks but most people will know exactly what you are doing and they might even join in!

Don’t let Summer take over and ruin your routine. The key is to be flexible and go with the flow.? Cherish this time with your kiddos– they grow up way to fast!