Slim down at work

You’ve heard of the FRESHMAN 15?? Well, nearly 40% of adults admit to gaining weight at their office job too. Is that you?? It certainly happened to me. I’m sure the number is higher- people just don’t want to admit it. It’s kind of a hush hush subject.

How do you stop this cycle of work weightgain?
Here are some top tips!

** Ditch the Drinks!? Stop drinking your calories.? Just say NO to soda. Even Diet soda is so bad for you. And swap out your Lattes for tea
Solution- sip plain water, sparkling water and tea during the day. You’ll feel refreshed without all the sugar.

**Pack a Lunch!? Stop going out for lunch. Make it a special treat- maybe once a week make it a special outing with your coworkers. But the other times, save your pennies and pack fruit, veggies and healthy proteins from home.

**Don’t stay seated.? Set a timer and make yourself get up and walk. Wear a fitness tracker so you are held accountable to getting more steps. Take the stairs.? If you need to go to a meeting, take a long route to get there. Instead of calling or sending an instant message, get up and walk to another office to ask a question. Get out of your seat!

**Do you feel sluggish in the afternoon?? Before you reach for that candy bar, try a green drink. We like this one from IT WORKS. Not only does it give you your veggies and fruits, but it also gives you an energizing boost that helps you crush the rest of your work day.? These come in easy to use individual packets too. green drink
** Skip the freebies! A lot of work places will have a kitchen area with special snacks, free donuts, popcorn etc.? Just because something is free and just because it’s THERE, doesn’t mean you should chow down on it.? Drink some water, grab some veggies and stay clear of the temptation.

Your office job isn’t a life sentence to gaining weight. Following these simple tips can help you slim down while at work.