Summer Lovin’ (to eat)

summer lovinSchool’s out for the summer! (sing it with me!)? I’m sure you have lots of adventures planned for your family. It’s so fun to plan those picnics in the park, hiking to a waterfall and camping under the stars.? BUT don’t forget, it’s just as important to plan your Summer Menu- and by menu I don’t just mean what’s for dinner this week.

Let’s approach this summer thinking not just about projects we want to get done (painting the deck!) and trips we are going on (Hello Uncle Jeff!) but also, let’s make food a focus of our summer plans and most importantly, our DAILY PLAN.

In the book , The 100 Calorie Diet Plan, Charles talks about breaking your food into 100 calorie chunks through out your day. It’s easy and doable. Check out the book on amazon!

So, how can you have a successful summer of eating less?

PLAN AHEAD!? Have containers of per-measured snacks available for grab and go. Make them healthy. Yes, it’s fun to have chips for that holiday BBQ but for every day, try having rice cakes, pretzels, hummus and veggies, frozen grapes,? baggie of dried fruit etc.? The key is to plan ahead so you can just reach and grab these instead of reaching for a handful of chocolate chips!

Sit down as much as you can and simply ENJOY YOUR FOOD.? If you are mindlessly munching, you won’t realize how much you are eating.? Make your snacks and meals something to celebrate.? I recently saw a friend make her sliced banana and almond butter look like a work of art. She truly enjoyed eating her masterpiece.

Don’t drink your calories! Make this the summer you ditch the soda. Just do it!? Make sodas your special occasion drink.

WATER UP!? Take a water bottle with you EVERY WHERE YOU GO!? Drinking more water this summer will help you feel fuller longer. Yes you will soon become an expert on which stores and parks have the best public restrooms. I know that can be annoying but the health benefits far outweigh that negative.? Can’t stand plain water? Add cucumber or orange slices.? Avoid flavored water. Just because it says it’s ZERO CALORIES doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you.

GO GREEN! Chances are, if you are like me, you need an afternoon PICK ME UP! Go Green! Now, when I said above to avoid flavored water, I was NOT talking about green drinks.? We LOVE this Green on the Go powder from It Works.? Simple to use. Rip open the little packet. Dump in water. Shack or stir. Drink and feel a renewed energy. Trust us! You will? wonder how you ever got through your day without it.

I’m confident that you can have a fun filled summer and stay on track for your fitness and training goals.? Let’s do it together!