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Snowshoeing in a Snowstorm

Snowshoeing in a Snowstorm

Planned on a trail run up American Fork Canyon [Jan 21] but overnight there were about 8″ of new snow in the valley and up to 3′ in the mountains. The surface was really loose and I sank in up to mid-shin so I switched to snowshoes and heavier boots.

I ended up going quite a bit slower than anticipated, but since I had two hours free I just went uphill about an hour and then turned around. I split the time evenly because I couldn’t really plan on going any faster downhill. It seems that with regular sized snowshoes (I was using a pair of backpacking snowshoes, so they are bigger for extra flotation with a heavy pack) a fit person can go uphill about as fast as downhill.

If you have never been on snowshoes before it takes only a few minutes to figure things out and it’s all good fun.

I got in about 2.5 miles with a few hundred feet of elevation gain, and felt really blessed to have gotten to see so much pretty scenery.

On the way home I helped dig out some boy scout groups that had slid off the road, and even used my SUV to pull a mini-van out of the ditch. Right place at the right time.