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I’m bringing balance back

I’m bringing balance back

Do you find yourself not having enough time to train?? Don’t fret- everyone goes through that. Here are 3 simple tips to help you get that balance back into your daily routine so that training happens.

1. Cut out the none sense. Do you have daily tasks that really don’t accomplish much?? Do you just have to sit and watch the morning news? Instead of sitting, could you unload the dishwasher at the same time and add in some squats?? I’m not saying cut out the none sense- we all have our guilty pleasures- but what if you find a sensible way to multitask those items?

I personally LOVE watching interviews on youtube. I watch gymnastics, figure skating, Olympic stuff. I love re- watching great athletic moments in time. I like documentary fluff pieces. Totally my guilty pleasure. And I have found that following the Hikercize treadmill workout, I can easily watch my youtube videos while getting in my weekly elevation gain. SCORE!

So, take notice of what things you do during the day that could actually be turned into training.? Could you jog to and from your morning train or bus? During lunch, instead of going to Chilis with your co-workers, go for a walk. Do your morning stretches in the shower- bonus, the hot water will actually help your stretches be more effective.

2.? All the top business success speakers give the following advice: Start each day with 20 minutes of motivational reading or meditation. This could be reading the scriptures, listening to Brian Tracey or even spending time in prayer.? If you are jumping out of bed every day and immediately into your rush rush of a schedule, you will quickly lose the balance you need.

My top favorite things to read:
Inspirational quotes (I love browsing Pinterest for these)
Daily devotionals (search the web- there are so many )
Religious magazines- lots of churches publish monthly or quarterly magazines.

Try it for a week. See what adding 20 minutes of this does to your day!

3. Schedule your workouts just like you would schedule a doctor’s appointment!? Write it down. And then hold yourself accountable. Many doctors will charge you if you don’t keep an appointment. You need to decide what will work for you. The important thing- keep yourself accountable for those workouts. You are NOT allowed to miss them! PERIOD!

Try making these changes to make training balance with the rest of your life. I know you can do it!