Favorite Short Utah Hikes

Spring is upon us which means it’s the ideal time to hit Utah National Parks. What a play ground for hikers, campers, rock climbing, Jeeping and mountain biking.  Our state simply rocks.

Here are a few beautiful hikes you can enjoy.

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MANY POOLS- Zion National Park
This is a beautiful, “easy” hike that is great for families and beginner hikers.
This is a good hike to take in the spring before the weather gets too hot. There isn’t much shade here.  Take a picnic and enjoy sitting on the slick rocks.

Directions: The Salt Lake Tribune gave these great directions.
The trailhead is not marked. There is a pullout on the southeast side of State Road 9, about 0.9 mile east of the small tunnel that is east of the big Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel. The road goes over the drainage, which you can access two ways. You can follow footpaths down to the east and walk through a tunnel that passes under the road, or you can walk just 0.1 mile north on the road and drop into the drainage at the north.

skeeze / Pixabay

BALANCED ROCK -Arches National Park.

This hike is super easy (like sidewalk easy so to speak) but beautiful and so interesting. The upper rock that is being balanced is bigger than two school busses!  Your kids will go nuts checking it out.  Look for cactus, wild flowers and even lizards as you explore the area. Remember to obey National Park Rules.

Directions:  Balanced Rock is easy to find because A: you’ll see it! And B: it’s well marked. Follow the main park road.  Balanced Rock is located on the east side of the junction with the Willow Springs Trail.

ROADSIDE RUIN -Canyonlands Needles District

Roadside is a short hike, easy for families and very educational. Built of stone and dried mud, hikers can see an Puebloan granery.

Directions: Trailed is located along the main access road (Route 211) just past the visitor’s center.